Here are various diets that I have researched.  For each one, I also found a recipe related to it and cooked it/tried it out.  Each diet is evaluated with the following set of criteria:

  1. How hard or easy is this diet going to be to attempt.
    Remember this is forever so really consider if this is right for you.
  2. Next is activity. Most of the diets required some bit of activity.
    How much activity do you want to do? This is another thing to think about while picking. Personally I want to be active on most days so I am looking for a diet that encourages this.
  3. Are there recommendations for water?
    Drinking water is very important, and I look at wether a given diet helps you out with pointers or advice.
  4. Does the diet include a maintenance plan?
    Remeber my first point above? This is forever, so does this diet help provide you guidance on how to keep it up?

All reviews include a link the to original article or source of information I used. I tried to pick one or more books that are related to the diet from Amazon also. If you love a book that isn’t listed let me know and I will add it.