A Review of the Shangri-La Diet

by | Jun 30, 2019 | Diet, Food

  • Degree of Difficulty / 0= Extremely Hard, 100- Extremely Easy/ 15% 15%
  • Level of Activity /0=Not included, 100= Activity is high/ 0% 0%
  • Water Included in Diet /0=Not included, 100= Built into plan/ 80% 80%
  • Maintenance Plan /0=No plan after initial weight loss, 100= Lifetime plan/ 100% 100%


The hypothesis of this diet is that the body associates calories with flavor and that dieters need to change that association to stop overindulging.

Ease for Dieter*


  • Really need to give up all passion for food
  • Very restrictive
  • Requires drinking sugar water and olive oil

(*My impression  based on my research and how hard I think it would be to maintain for 1, 6, 8, 10, 20 weeks. Your experience may vary.)

Food Emphasis

  • Only Bland and blended food
  • 300 calories a day from sugar water and light olive oil (taken between meals)
  • Sugar water is made with the amount of sugar determined by how many pounds are left to lose.

Maintenance Plan

  • Lifetime

Suggested Activity Level

  • No Activity Required


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