A Review of the French Women Diet

by | May 26, 2019 | Diet, Food

  • Degree of Difficulty / 0= Extremely Hard, 100- Extremely Easy/ 50% 50%
  • Level of Activity /0=Not included, 100= Activity is high/ 30% 30%
  • Water Included in Diet /0=Not included, 100= Built into plan/ 100% 100%
  • Maintenance Plan /0=No plan after initial weight loss, 100= Lifetime plan/ 100% 100%


They hypothesis of this diet is that eating smaller amounts of high quality food and really enjoying the food will lead to a better relationship with food. Dieters can also enjoy leak soup for a weekend to kick start weight loss.

Ease for Dieter*


  • No forbidden foods
  • Phase 1 – Note everything you eat for 3 weeks so that you can look at your habits critically and decide what to keep and what to remove.
  • Phase 1.5 – Spend the first two days eating only leek soup and water.
  • Phase 2 – Spend 3 months learning about French food, correct portions and drinking lots of water.
  • Phase 3 – Maintain your weight by using your newly learned skills.

(*My impression is based on my research and how hard I think it would be to maintain for 1, 6, 8, 10, 20 weeks. Your experience may vary.)

Food Emphasis

  • Natural Food (no processed foods)
  • Eating slowly
  • Food Quality over Quantity
  • 3 consistent meals a day
  • Food Journal

Maintenance Plan

  • Lifetime.
  • A variation is to add a day of rest in after you’ve reach your weight goal. On this day you can eat “civilized” portions sizes.

Suggested Activity Level

  • Walking and Light Weights
  • Maintaining proper posture
  • Maintaining proper breathing



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