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Information to start you on your path to One Fit Thing

What is One Fit Thing?

One Fit Thing is the concept that you make one small change at a time, in one of the pillars, to improve your life.  The pillars are the broad areas to pull from and I’ve done research to help you get started in each area.  Pick a pillar you want to work on.  Look at the resources to help you pick a smart goal.  Read more details in the “about this pillar” article, checkout the the research and tips and smart goals to get inspiration!

Path to Success

Pick a Pillar

Do you want to work on Food, Water, Sleep, Activity or Fun?

Create a SMART Goal

Decide on the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time based thing you want to work one. Perhaps it is drink 8 cups of water a day? Or sleep 8 hours every night?  You can learn a whole lot more about SMART over here.

Make it a Habit

Make small changes at a time. Keep working on it every day and don’t get discouraged if you occasionally miss a goal.

One Fit Thing

Congratulations!  You now have more more healthy habit.  Now it’s time to pick the next pillar and start over.


The Five pillars that help support a healthy and happy life.  All of them are important to balance your life.