Staying Slim with H2O Web MD Article

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Research, Water

Web MD Article : Water and Your Diet: Staying Slim and Regular With H2O

This article is interesting. It discusses how much all cellular processes need water and how the processes work more efficiently if you are well hydrated. This effectively means your metabolism. I think it’s also interesting that the author points out that if you are already well hydrated, then drinking more water will not help your weight loss. The article says that even being 1% dehydrated has a significant impact on your body functions. If you are not getting enough, then increasing water consumption will help. Also quoted is a study that found “people who drank water before meals ate on average of 75 fewer calories. 75 Calories X 365 days = 27,000 less calories”. That is for just one meal.

In general you should try to drink between 1/2 an ounce to 1 ounce per pound you weigh. You may need more if you are exercising a lot or live in a hot climate. You may need less if you are in a cold climate and more sedentary.

This means that a 150 pound person would need between 75 ounces to 150 ounces each day.