SMART Goal Tool – Steps to Success

Select a Tracker with the correct amount of structure for your SMART Goal.

Steps to Success

Use this form when you have some confidence in your success but really want to plan out how you will become successful.

One Fit Thing SMART Goals Tools – Succeeding Step by Step


Data Example :

On A Healthier Michigan I found some really good examples of SMART goals. Let’s look at the goal for Water.

“I will drink at least 64oz of water per day at least 5 days per week.  I will drink a glass of water before drinking anything else; furthermore I will have water with every meal.”

  • S – The goal is specific. The goal identifies who will drink the water, when the water will be drunk and how much.
  • M – I can measure my success. I am successful if I drink water with each meal for a total of 64 ounces daily for 5 of 7 days each week.
  • A – The goal is Attainable. The goal is realistic for most people within the time frame listed. It would be less attainable if the goal was for every day, something to keep in mind when writing your goals.
  • R – The goal is realistic assuming that you are both willing and able to accomplish it.
  • T – The time frame is specified.

Now lets use this goal as an example for the Smart Goal Tools below.

Form Example :

SMART Goal Tool - Steps to Success Form

To fill in form :

Write the goal above in the orange My Specific Goal box.

I recommend a target of about a month. If you are starting mid-way through a month then go for the remainder of this month + all of the next month. Write this date in the Yellow Green MY Target Date box.

Look at the goal above and determine what are the steps I need to commit to?

  1. I will pour a glass of water (12 ounces) for myself at the beginning of each meal and I will drink the water before anything else.
  2. I will pour and drink a glass of water (12 ounces) before drinking coffee or tea in the morning.
  3. I will drink 2 full water bottles (14 -16 ounces) each day while sitting at my desk.

Put these steps in the Light Blue MY Steps to Achieve MY goal boxes.

My Reward? This is the reward you will give yourself when you have successfully completed the goal. This is very individual. What do you want? Maybe an infuser that makes flavored water? Maybe new fuzzy socks? Maybe dinner at your favorite restaurant? Make this ALL about you!

Customize your tracker and Hang it / Post it where you will see it every day

These tracker tools are editable PDF’s. That means you can open the document, edit it in your browser and then print or save it (click here for form help). You can also print the document and hand write your information if you prefer. Do what works for you. Place the printed document where you can see it every day. In a way, this is your promise to yourself. I place mine on the refrigerator door so I see it every time I walk through the kitchen. I have a friend who tapes it to the mirror in her bathroom.

If you don’t have a printer, find an electronic place you will visit often to remind yourself each day.

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