SMART Goal Tools for your Journey

In SMART Goals to Guide Your Journey we discussed some information to help you make SMART goals. In this post I will give you some SMART goal tools for your journey.

There are almost as many tools as there are people. Not only does each person work a little differently, each goal will require a different level or structure / effort. Take some time to determine which tracker will work best for to ensure that you will SUCCEED. Please remember to be honest. This is for you!  I outline 4 different tracking tools below.  Each title is a link to a detailed page about that tool, so feel free to explore.


Remember when making SMART goals to pick goals that stretch you. You don’t want a goal to be so easy that it takes no effort to achieve it. By the same thinking don’t pick something that is improbable either. Go for something hard, but achievable. You will notice as you go through the months that you will be able to take on increasingly larger goals because you will be developing the skills needed to make them.


You need to congratulate yourself and reward yourself for being successful! Just make sure that your rewards are representative of the amount of effort. If it was a really hard goal then give yourself a larger reward. Only you know what will motivate you to make your goals and only you know how big the effort is! Not all rewards need to cost money. Allowing myself to carve out time to go the beach and catch the sunset is a motivating award, even on a cloudy day I will find something to film. Hmm. So maybe for me just having time at the beach with my camera is the reward.. sunset or no sunset.

Use the tools below. I will be updating the tools as I get feed back and as I continue to use them, so check back now and then.

Customize your tracker and Hang it / Post it where you will see it every day

These tracker tools are editable PDF’s. That means you can open the document, edit it in your browser and then print or save it (click here for form help). You can also print the document and hand write your information if you prefer. Do what works for you. Place the printed document where you can see it every day. In a way, this is your promise to yourself. I place mine on the refrigerator door so I see it every time I walk through the kitchen. I have a friend who tapes it to the mirror in her bathroom.

If you don’t have a printer, find an electronic place you will visit often to remind yourself each day.

Succeeding Step by Step Form
Removing and Overcoming Barriers Form
Four Week Tracker
Whole Month Tracker