Building Blocks

To really be able to do all of the things I want to do in life, I need to be healthier, fitter, and happier. I know that I can’t change everything all at once, so I need to focus on One Fit Thing at a time. To make this possible, I have broken Fit Things into building blocks. Below are each of the building blocks and an introduction as to why I think they are important.

Before starting a new program please talk to your doctor.

What is the Fountain of Life

Water is the fountain of life.

Everything living needs water to varying degrees. Humans are 50% to 70% water and we need to replace a portion (around 2.5 quarts) of it everyday. This is the first building block we will work on. Ensuring you are well hydrated will help support the rest of the building blocks and it can be an easy goal to start with. Most people already drink water regularly and it will be a matter of getting enough. I say it can be an easy goal but I recognize that it won’t be easy for everyone. When I originally made the switch from soda to water it was really hard, but worth it. I started drinking soda around the time I started walking and water was BORING! No Fizz, no Caffeine, no Flavor. Now I crave water and almost never think about getting soda. Trust me, you will eventually reach for water before any other liquid regardless of where you start.

Food is the Fuel of Life!

Food is the fuel of life.

Without it we would be unable to grow and do the any of the tasks we do every day. We have evolved to depend on the food in our environment for survival. There are many philosophies about what kind of diets are best for humans and we can talk about all of them later. For now let’s just agree that healthy food is good and unhealthy food can be OK if we don’t over do it. Can you imagine a future where you can never have pizza and wings again? I can’t, but I can imagine a world where I either use the flavor profiles to make healthy food or eat something healthy first so I can easily limit how much I eat.

Activity is the Motion of Life

Activity is the motion of life.

Now that our body is properly hydrated and fueled we are ready to get in motion and convert our fuel into energy.  Everyone is at a different fitness level and I highly recommend that you see a physical trainer to get started. If you have experience, then you can follow along with my activities, check out our Workout Randomizer, walk, run or 1000’s of other things. You may need to try an few things out to find what you like doing. If you don’t like it, you won’t do it! So find something you like!

Fun is the Pleasure of Life

Fun is the pleasure of life.

What’s life without any fun? Work. It’s work. Work can be fun but isn’t for most people. I have been told that what I think is fun is very individual to me. So, I will share my fun things (like I signed up to learn how to snow shoe) and you can pick your own things. Maybe you want to stay in bed all day Saturday and read a book, or go to the movies or a party or play video games. It’s up to you. Fun is important because you need to take pleasure in your life. Life shouldn’t be only work.

So these are the blocks. How do I incorporate them into my life? Each month we will be picking a different building block and selecting one SMART goal to work on.